Start Your (Rails) Engines!

The Talk

This talk was given at RailsRemoteConf 2015.

Check out the SpeakerDeck! Video coming soon!

Want to split up your Rails app into pieces but not sure where to begin? Wish you could share controller code among microservices but don’t know how? Do you work on lots of projects and have boilerplate Rails code repeated in each?

Rails Engines may be your answer.

We will build a simple Rails engine and understand how this app-within-an-app architecture can help you write more modular code which can be gemified and reused across multiple projects.

Following Along

The video will be made public… eventually.

In the meantime, you can check out the code from the “live code” portion at and I also edited my notes from the live code portion, and published them at

For your convenience, here are the links from the talk.

Links Throughout the Presentation

Further information links

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